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Welcome to Taqueria Mixteca!

Welcome to Taqueria Mixteca! With two locations in Dayton and a roving Food truck, we’re here to spread the authentic food of Mexico to the city that we love as much as you love us!

Review from: Another Food Critic

Here is a review from the “Another food critic” blog: Just east of downtown Dayton, Taqueria Mixteca is a hole-in-the-wall that you’d hardly notice if you drove past it. It’s far from the nicest parts of town where the gourmet chefs dream of $100 wine bottles and Michelin stars, but Taqueria Mixteca is the epitome […]

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Review by: Superfry and The Big Ragu – Dayton Most Metro

There was a time in our lives when we once considered Taco Bell to be really good Mexican food. It was during our high school and college years, when money was scarce and our late night cravings were curbed by a ritual “run to the border”. After college, we started dining at various chain restaurants […]